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What do our service users think?

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SASS are always welcoming to new members. They have excellent knowledge of ASD and support you can get around the area. As a group they have relevant guest speakers and have knowledge of the camhs services. They are approachable through messages and in person. If I have situations that I need help with they do not judge the situation but give advice and usually practical advice. They never make you feel silly for asking for help or support.

I feel that the support I'm getting is fantastic I'm a mum of 2 autistic boy SASS helped me to understand things in a way that makes sense she helped me to talk to the right people in that situation I'm very lucky to have the support that I have x

Walking through the door, grabbing a cuppa, taking a seat is literally like a weight is lifted. There’s always someone with a friendly smile, mutual respect, whether you want to sit there have a cry, laugh with everyone, or just drink coffee. We do chat about our situations, but we don’t need to. Whatever makes you comfortable. We’ve even had fathers attend, which is refreshing. With their backgrounds SASS have a wealth of knowledge, and with it being held mid week, it’s like a mental top up, something that helps keep you going until the weekend.

My son didn’t get the opportunity to do cooking at school so when SASS advertised it, I jumped at the chance. He wasn’t keen on the first instance but came home buzzing from the first session looking forward to going back week after week. It helped build his confidence and social and emotional needs.

Quote from my son - the best thing about it was it was cooking and he learnt some new skills.

The SASS team at cooking classes done an amazing job they were professional and efficient !! Exceeded our expectations made my daughter feel so comfortable highly recommend these classes cant wait to go back

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