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What do our families think?...

Kirsten...I feel that the support I'm getting is fantastic I'm a mum of 2 autistic boys Flutterbies helped me to understand things in a way that makes sense she helped me to talk to the right people in that situation I'm very lucky to have the support that I have x


Jen and Rebecca are always welcoming to new members to the group's and to the Facebook page. They both have excellent knowledge of ASD and support you can get around the area. As a group they have relevant guest speakers and have knowledge of the camhs services. They are both approachable through messages and in person. If I have situations that I need help with they do not judge the situation but give advice and usually practical advice. They never make you feel silly for asking for help or support.

Suzie...Honestly flutterbies at the beginning felt so overwhelming, but i soon learnt that i can be a bit of a wolly in this group, i could even cry in this group and most of all laugh in this group. This group has not just become a valuable support group but ive also made friends from this group. Ive enjoyed cake and coffee along with key speakers teaching me new things along the way. I worry that the current situation may cause some anxiety again but knowing this group is here for me means i have the support to keep swimming.

Donna...Walking through the door, grabbing a cuppa, taking a seat is literally like a weight is lifted. There’s always someone with a friendly smile, mutual respect, whether you want to sit there have a cry, laugh with everyone, or just drink coffee. We do chat about our situations, but we don’t need to. Whatever makes you comfortable. We’ve even had fathers attend, which is refreshing. With their backgrounds Jen and Rebecca have a wealth of knowledge, and with it being held mid week, it’s like a mental top up, something that helps keep you going until the weekend.

The speakers the ladies have organised have been invaluable and appreciative and with the on going zoom support, every Wednesday, its bringing Flutterbies into our home. I personally didn’t think it would work as well, but it’s worth biting the bullet and logging on. I’ve gone from blocking my face to embracing the whole experience of virtual support groups.

Attending Flutterbies is a game changer, you start off with the weight on your shoulders and walk out much lighter. Give it a go, you don’t need to know anyone as you will know a room full by the time you leave. There are plenty of friendships to be made.

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