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About Us


Welcome to Southampton Autism Support Service.

We are currently a self funded, Community interest Company, Southampton based autism support service. We provide support, guidance and advocacy for families with children/young people (4-18). We support people whom are diagnosed or with suspected Autism


We assist families with children/young people with a suspected/diagnosis of autism. We offer support at any stage of the diagnostic process including post diagnosis. We are volunteers with both personal and professional experience.

We know from experience, that the beginning of this journey in particular can be very overwhelming and may feel isolating at times. Our hope is that we can reduce these feelings by offering a guiding hand through this process from one of our autism family support workers. Our goal is to help raise confidence and empower families by giving them the tools to help deal with the wonderful world of autism.

What we do:

                  *Autism Family support workers (one to one)

                  *Assess support and Resolve workers  

                  * SEN sessions 

                  *Support with understanding/navigation the diagnostic process

                  *Support at meetings with schools, CIN, housing, Dr's ect; (advocacy)

                  *Help with form filling/communicating with professionals 

                  *Signpost to relevant agencies 

                  *Accompanying to support groups

                  *Support Group face to face and online 

                  *Basic advice around benefits/entitlement

                  * Courses around Autism 

                  * Courses for school refusers 

                  * Life skills courses for 16+

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